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Founded in 1992 the STM Automação Industrial has been evolving constantly and adapting to market needs, which is more and more demanding and selective. Since then, we have had 3 stages of evolution.

We started our activities designing and manufacturing electronic boards aimed to the control and interfacing. At that time, we developed PLC and MMI aimed to machines control.

With the availability of huge range of products and high quality pieces of equipment in the market, we got into an integration period in which we started supplying solutions with this kind of equipment in the market according to our clients’ requirements as for brand and quality.

Such solutions aimed basically at machines manufacturers who did not have a specific automation department brought us at a new position in the market where we started being more and more respected due to our effective and creative solutions.

With both the globalization and the companies growth, the latter started to demand some features in their pieces of equipment which are more and more technological and compatible with the quality requirements.

The STM Automação realizing that machines and pieces of equipment became more and more interactive and intelligent, took advantage of its know-how in automation to offer complete solutions in Turn-key, developing from idealization to the completion of the equipment, encompassing all the necessary development to it.

Currently our solutions and services have been supplied to machines manufacturers who do not have an automation engineering department as well as to companies that need complete solutions. Our activities are acknowledge and we are able to attend a huge segment of the market.